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The first ever Bicycle Pet Seat for Dogs is now available in the UK - distributed exclusively through www.buddyrider.co


'The Buddyrider™ is a bicycle pet seat which is attached to the bike seat and mounted over the centre of the bike, making handling virtually problem free. Designed for small dogs of up to 30 pounds, its a great way to transport your pet and take your best friend for a ride.'

'The Buddyrider™ pet seat provides comfort and safety for you and your pet. The buddy rider pet seat is mounted to the bike seat allowing your pet to sit comfortably strapped in and ready to go. The seat is designed to fit almost any modern adult bike, measuring at least 48cm (19inch) between the seat post and the handle bars. Centre mounted seats give more control to the rider as the extra weight is positioned over the centre of the bike. The first buddy rider prototype was designed over 20 years go consisting of a bike seat attached to the cross bar which was used for children and later the seat was replaced with a plastic bucket to hold the family pet. After many prototypes the final seat was created. If you have a stubborn pet who can't make it out of the drive way or want to enjoy the outdoors with your best friend then the buddy rider is a must.'

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£129.99 Plus P&P - UK mainland only

Buddy Booster

£22.99 Plus P&P - UK mainland only

Currently SOLD OUT

Buddyrider & Booster

£150.00 Plus P&P - UK mainland only

Currently SOLD OUT

Sheila Ontario.

Hi. I just wanted to thank you so much for the buddy rider!! Best money ever spent! We have been able to bike so much more now. Parker loves it! She was a little reserved at first but now she's climbing at my leg to get it in. She checks out all the birds, loves being taller than all the other dogs we pass, checks out the deer around town, groundhogs and squirrels . She is really excited about it and loving it. When I bike with my husband and he passes us she won't stop barking and yipping at him until he lets us ahead again! Ha ha it's quite humorous! She likes to be in the lead with the best view possible ! Thank you

Laurie and Bandit.

I had been searching for over a year looking for some way to take my dog along on our family outings. Then we saw you on the Dragons Den. That was it. That was what I was looking for. Perfect!I just got my buddyrider on Friday and we took it camping with us to Squamish. I love it and my dog Bandit does too. I got lots of looks riding by and even was stopped by a lady wanting to purchase one. Even though we purchased it in April and did not get it until July it was definitely worth the wait. Thank you so much. Awesome idea!


Received the Buddy Rider and had success installing. Very sturdy unit and easy to maneuver on bicycle. After we put Willy in the seat we tempted him with hot dog treats and within a few minutes he was ready to hit the road. We took him 10 km on a bike trail. Looking forward to lots more trips. Thanks so much for this great invention. I am sure you will be getting lots more orders once people see us going.

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By purchasing this product, you accept the following terms. If you choose to purchase and install the Buddyrider pet seat, you do so at your own risk. Cycling can be inherently dangerous especially when carrying passengers or cargo of any kind. You must wear protective gear at all times (helmet and gloves etc.) You indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the owners, directors, employees, and or any other representatives of CDC Creations Inc. and/or Buddyrider Inc. from damage caused or injury sustained through the use of the Buddyrider pet seat. Furthermore you assume all risks associated with the fitting and use of the Buddyrider pet seat. Each time prior to using the Buddyrider Pet Seat you must check all components of the seat, and ensure the seat is secure to the bicycle and no parts are cracked, loose, missing, or broken. Due to the size and weight associated with transporting a pet on a bicycle you may be required to make quick corrective action when the pet moves its weight. Extreme care must be taken at all times. Care must be taken when placing your pet into the seat, and also when removing them. This should be done in a safe place and away from distractions such as other pets. Initial rides should be brief, over smooth ground and in a safe location. You must never leave a pet unattended in this seat. Due to the higher center of gravity, a bicycle may fall over if parked on its stand or without proper support. You must not allow your pet to become a distraction when riding. You must keep your focus on the safe operation of your bicycle, the rules of the road, the environment around you and other cyclists, pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Return Policy On the rare occasion that the Buddyrider pet seat for some reason does not fit your bicycle, simply return it within 10 days for a full refund. The returned product must be unused and undamaged, sent prepaid via a traceable and insurable method to.

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